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With stiff competition, leasing for the workspaces in Singapore is no easy task. Our team of agents are well-versed with the nuances and specific requirements that go into transacting commercial properties.

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"Unlike many agents in the industry, Solomon always follows up post transaction to ensure things go smoothly."
- Mr Liu Hsin, Waterbay EC, 18 Shelford, Corals @ Keppel Bay

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“I would like to thank GB for all his hard work and commitment during the sale of my unit. My unit was sold at a record high price among all the units within the same project.”
- Chris, Aston Mansions

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Reliable and Responsible

"It has been a wonderful journey with Ryan ...He provided us good advice in our house hunting and we had a pleasant experience with a reliable and responsible professional agent."
- Mr & Mrs Teo, Terrace Home-Owner

What is a Commercial Property in Singapore?

In Singapore, a commercial property refers to real estate that is primarily used for business, commercial, or industrial purposes rather than residential living. These properties are designed and zoned to support various types of businesses and economic activities. Commercial properties in Singapore encompass a wide range of building types and uses, including:

  1. Office Buildings: These properties are designed for office use and can range from small office spaces in shophouses to large commercial towers in central business districts. Office buildings are commonly used by companies, professional firms, and government agencies.
  2. Retail Spaces: Commercial properties can include retail spaces like shopping malls, retail shops, and standalone storefronts. These spaces are intended for businesses to sell goods and services directly to customers.
  3. Industrial Properties: Industrial properties are used for manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and other industrial activities. They come in various forms, such as factories, warehouses, and industrial parks.
  4. Shophouses: Some shophouses are used for commercial purposes, with the ground floor serving as a shop or business space and the upper floors sometimes used for offices or residential purposes.
  5. Mixed-Use Developments: In Singapore, there are mixed-use developments that combine commercial and residential elements in a single property. These properties often feature retail shops or office spaces on the lower floors and residential units above.
  6. Hotels and Hospitality: Commercial properties can also include hotels, serviced apartments, and other hospitality establishments that cater to tourists and business travelers.
  7. Specialized Commercial Properties: Some commercial properties serve specific industries or functions, such as medical clinics, restaurants, entertainment venues, or educational institutions.

Commercial properties in Singapore are regulated by zoning laws and building codes to ensure they are used for their intended purposes and meet safety and regulatory standards. The rental and sale of commercial properties in Singapore are subject to market conditions and government regulations, making them a vital component of the city-state's dynamic real estate landscape.

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