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Plots of land that some bungalows sit on date back to the colonial era, and have been unchanged for decades. Owning a GCB can also mean owning a part of Singapore’s history.

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"Unlike many agents in the industry, Solomon always follows up post transaction to ensure things go smoothly."
- Mr Liu Hsin, Waterbay EC, 18 Shelford, Corals @ Keppel Bay

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“I would like to thank GB for all his hard work and commitment during the sale of my unit. My unit was sold at a record high price among all the units within the same project.”
- Chris, Aston Mansions

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"It has been a wonderful journey with Ryan ...He provided us good advice in our house hunting and we had a pleasant experience with a reliable and responsible professional agent."
- Mr & Mrs Teo, Terrace Home-Owner

What is a Shophouse?

A shophouse property in Singapore is a distinctive type of building that combines both commercial and residential elements within a single structure. These buildings are characterized by their narrow and elongated architectural design, typically two to three stories high, with a shop or commercial space on the ground floor and residential living quarters on the upper floors.

Shophouses are a significant part of Singapore's architectural heritage and can be found in various parts of the city, especially in older neighborhoods like Chinatown, Little India, and Kampong Glam. They often feature unique architectural details, such as colorful facades, ornate windows, and intricate decorative elements.

Shophouses have historical significance and offer a glimpse into Singapore's past. While they were originally designed to accommodate both businesses and families, many have been repurposed into boutique shops, restaurants, offices, or even preserved as heritage sites. Some shophouses have also been renovated into stylish and modern residences, blending the old-world charm with contemporary living.

Investing in a shophouse property in Singapore can be appealing for those interested in heritage properties, as they offer a unique combination of historical value and potential for commercial or residential use, depending on the property's zoning and location.

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